Twenty ‘angels’ took on the challenge to climb the Three Highest Peaks in the home nations: Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike finishing with Snowdon. Our ‘chief angel’ Jen Woolfson trained us hard for the 3,000 vertical metres that we completed  just over 24 hours and what an experience it was! It is always hard to summarise such a challenge, but I hope my email to everyone on the evening of our return captures the essence of our trip;-

My Dearest Angels,

I do not know where to begin.

It is hard to put into words how special this weekend has been. I have never been part of such a special group in so many different ways. Your grit and determination was amazing and endless and your support for what ‘ a Life for a Cure’ is trying to achieve, fills me with comfort and pride.

I am blessed to have your warmth around me on a weekly basis and this weekend was just a wonderful opportunity to extend those relationships further for us all, in addition to completing the ‘3 peaks Challenge’.

I will keep a copy of your kind words in my heart always, which will inspire me to continue to do Ryan proud and find the ultimate vaccine.

Just to add to this Special Day, I am listed (and photographed he he!!) in the Mail On Sunday Magazine YOU as a finalist for the Clarins Most Dynamisante Woman of the Year Award. Shame the judges weren’t there to witness our achievement this weekend – a TRUE example of charity work  in it’s most selfless form to save lives. Thank you.

Jen – thank you for being our guardian angel this weekend. We may have had a ‘Geographical Guide’ – but you were without doubt the wind beneath our wings!! You are a great friend, motivator and inspiration to us all.

Time for bed soon I think – although still have the motion of being on the damn Mini-bus!!

With love and thanks always,

Your very proud and overwhelmed Scotland Virgin, John, Shims and of course my dearest Ryan xxXx

Each angel was totally committed to the challenge and raised an enormous £13,800. Our thanks go to all who sponsored us over the months leading up to the trip – 10 days before we left the total was £5,700 with the goal of increasing this to £10,000 when we left for Glasgow. We obviously achieved this and more. A massive thank you to Jen for organizing the whole trip, encouraging and training us, and providing us all with some Three Peaks chic!! She donated our team top that we wore with pride during the weekend that was customised with the help of Carillion Printing in Bristol.

Congratulations to these wonderful, fit, generous, committed, kind, thoughtful and fun angels who climbed in the snow at Ben Nevis, walked in the driving rain on the dark descent of Scafell Pike, devoured Bacon Butties and hot tea when running onto the mini bus after Snowdon, weed on the mountains, consumed endless protein bars and jelly babies, sat in wet clothes for hours on end – all without a moan or a groan;-  Jen Woolfson, Celeste Carter (my dear sister-in-law). Michelle Watson, Reena Anderson Buckley, Myee Moody, Muna Aminath, Nicky Lee-Brown, Jennifer Chambers, Sally Fry, Lisa Allen, Pip Nash, Elena Yates, Marianne Hickey, Jo Herrod,  Hazel Rugg, Helen Gardhouse, Sally Chesser, Jane O’Callaghan and Shannon Schrijver.

Thanks Jen for carrying Ryan up Snowdon to join us on the summit.  Mx