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About Ryan

Ryan was a truly passionate young man and an exceptional sportsman, who approached his own life with the same zest and vigour as many of his hero’s, highly disciplined, courageous, truly talented and with fantastic character. With time for everyone, he touched many people’s hearts and was a true role model to his friends and peers. ‘He was simply just someone you wanted to be around!’

With over 1,400 special tributes that can be seen on Facebook under his public site R.I.P Ryan Bresnahan, along with his own special appeal site ‘a LIFE for a CURE’, it is easy to see just what a superb young man Ryan had become.

We truly have no regrets, particularly when we look around at all of this and see the success Ryan made of his life, evidenced by the vast number of incredible friendships which we know will be with him forever. I think it is fair to say, ‘he is everybody’s best friend’…. an overriding comment we keep hearing time and time again.

Our Ultimate Goal

It is our ultimate goal only to remember Ryan not with tears, but with smiles. We have shared a tremendous life with him along with our families and friends and we can safely say ‘he had just about done everything!’

He invariably had his own way of doing things, he was very individual, and had that; ‘just good to be around manner about him’. Some eight days later than when he should have arrived, on 18 March 1994, he was finally ready to appear and boy was it worth the wait.

He was just different! A special little boy who was born with perfectly formed muscles on his legs and a twinkle in his eye. From day one, he embraced life with charm and personality and like his sister, found a way of simply getting on with their lives, living every moment and experience to the full.

Ryan the Free Bird

Ryan was truly a free bird, as a toddler he hated being confined, it was impossible to keep him in a pushchair, high chair, cot or car seat. He knew no ceilings and the world was truly his oyster. His life was rich with many things, some less obvious than others and particularly his love for music and singing, which he did with a passion whenever and wherever he could. He had a song for all occasions and invariably knew every word.

Little by little he has added to his great repertoire of skills and experiences in life, seeing every person he met as a welcome door to another fascinating world. He became a mountain of a young man with a cheeky smile and a heart of gold.

Ryan Bresnahan the complete package

Bright, great looks, strong, caring, sensitive, a fantastic sportsman, a real mate and the capital ‘C’ in cool. He was the equivalent of the all American kid and someone (and there aren’t many in this world) who could simply take your breath away!

To us all he has left a lasting impression, a true thoroughbred, seen in the same light as his favourite super car the Aston Martin DB9, which is why it featured so proudly on Ryan’s Day in celebration of his life with us all.

It’s hard to imagine tomorrow without him, but we sincerely hope his legacy will live on, at least just a little bit in all of us.

Ryan’s Story ‘The Next Chapter’

We will never accept that he had to die, but we do accept he did… One thing however we will never understand (well at least not in this world) is exactly why and for what reason he died?

Our lives changed on 31 March 2010. The events surrounding that day will stay with us forever, and no longer do we consider anything normal. We now have to establish a ‘new norm’ in our lives and within a reasonable time, hopefully learn how to truly smile again.

As a family we have undertaken a long-term commitment through Ryan’s Appeal website:  ‘a LIFE for a CURE’, to raising funds in support of finding the ‘Ultimate Vaccine’. This will only be possible with your help as by working together, we will ultimately see an end to such merciless attacks on young people’s lives.

Contact Us

You can contact us by e-mailing michellebres@btinternet.com on any matter contained in this site, or to contribute or to get involved in the charity fundraising.

If you have a few moments to navigate yourself around the site, then we hope you enjoy the experience of sharing just a little of ‘Ryan’s Story’ and hopefully capturing the spirit of the next chapter in his life.

John, Michelle, Charlotte xxXx