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Two Bridges Bressie Trail

Date: Friday, August 20, 2010

Venue: Sydney Australia and Bristol England

The Two Bridges Bressie Trail was the first of what I hope will be a series of varied challenges in memory of Ryan and to raise funds for “a Life for a Cure”.   From my first idea for the Trail right up to its completion, I have been completely overwhelmed by the love, support and encouragement I have had from almost everyone who knew about my challenge.

The first part of the Trail was the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and as the day dawned my friend Lian, who was also raising funds, and I knew that Ryan was with us! It was a sunny, bright, clear and beautiful day and all the staff at the Bridge Climb thought the view from the top of the Bridge would be spectacular. They were not wrong. After dressing in the compulsory Bridge jumpsuit and completing the training, we were ready for Pete our leader to begin the climb. The next two hours were AWESOME ( a word Ryan loved!) and safely harnessed to the Bridge we climbed our way to the top with an unbelieveable view of Sydney right out to the Blue Mountains. At the top photos were taken and we got the chance to make a wish on a special platform right in the middle of the Bridges highest point – I know you know my wish Rys! Wishes sent, we began the descent still taking in the incredible sights and before we knew it – the first part of the Trail was complete! The sense of achievement at the bottom was tangible and with spirits soaring and happy memories of Ryan, we celebrated with steak and cocktails – both usually forbidden treats for me.

Strangely once the first part of the trail was completed, the second seemed so much more daunting! Carrying on my training in Australia, I promised myself that the most important thing was to complete the Trail however long it took. The Bristol Half Marathon day dawned and the emotion of the day was clear from the start. As one of more than 70 people all running for Ryan, we gathered together at College Green to be photographed with Michelle, John and Shims. With our ” a Life for a Cure” vests we certainly looked the part but having had four major operations since my last half marathon, I wondered whether I would let everyone down. Ryan sent me the sign I needed in the form of a Heart FM car registration beginning RY07 – Ryans favourite number that we all had on the back of our vests! Despite the rain I was determined to get round the course and with a lot of help from in the last few miles from Shims, Celeste and Rodney and some very special supporters, I MADE IT! The last few metres were the most emotional carrying a photograph of Ryan with me over the finish line and as I collected my medal and shared a tear with Michelle and my family and friends we were amazed to hear Take That playing in the Runners Village – the final sign if we needed it that Ryan was with us.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sponsored me – I cannot hope to repay your kindness and generosity so I will simply thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I hope very soon to be able to give you the total sum raised by the Bressie Trail – so watch this space.

My final words as a Godmother, Aunty and friend are the same as those on the special Bridge Climb T- Shirts we wore and the photograph I carried over the line – ” For Ryan – With Love Always.”