In 1977 the famous footballer Pelé named his autobiography ‘My Life and the Beautiful Game’.

The book’s dedication reads “I dedicate this book to all those who make the game beautiful”.

The term echoes J.C. Thring’s description of the rules he helped develop for football in the middle of the 19th century, as The Simplest Game, which led to the development of the rules of association football.

The phrase “The Beautiful Game” has become a synonym for Association Football and the Brazilian Portuguese term for beautiful game is “Joga Bonito”.

This colourful phrase, now widely used as a description for football, was included as part of the title for the 13-part series charting the history of the game: ‘History of Football: The Beautiful Game’.

Moberly’s House Entertainment “Joga Bonito” – The Background Story

The idea to produce a “Joga Bonito” for the Moberly’s House entertainment originated because they were rapidly approaching their deadline and hadn’t really had any other great ideas as to what they were going to produce!

The basic principle behind house entertainment is to allow everyone in the year to fulfil a role this being the main reason behind the creation and of course, knowing they could do justice to the history of the phrase  “Joga Bonito”.

Moberly’s is a very sporty house and the idea of a  “Joga Bonito” was very fitting with Ryan and the lads immediately leaping to the challenge. This enthusiasm really pulled them together, consequently making this idea exceed all expectations; however there were a number of problems that arose.

One of these being that not everyone is blessed with hand eye coordination, as you may identify on the out takes’ and of course, this tends to be quite helpful when making a “Jogo Bonito”…. In typical Moberly’s style they found their own way to overcome this, with it proving extremely difficult to spot in the final production those falling into this category!!

Ryan was so proud of the final production and regularly promoted its positioning on ‘You Tube’, always maintaining it was worthy of being number 14, alongside the incredible 13 Part series!

Moberly’s, more than doing justice to the term “JOGA BONITO”!

Written with the help of James Bell, Moberly’s House