Ian Turnbull has arranged this as a permanent fixture, date to be notified, in Clifton’s Sporting Calendar, recognising Ryan’s outstanding passion and appetite for the sport and the exceptional talent he brought to the game.

It also follows on from a letter we received from the Director of Sport at Millfield Preparatory School,

J. Morgan-Hughes, where he quotes:

“I can still vividly recall Ryan dribbling through our team and scoring to defect us out of the West of England Championships. Our attempts to find a defender capable of coping with his skill and pace were repeatedly unsuccessful. I subsequently attended the National Finals in the pouring rain at Nottingham as a spectator. Ryan was one of the most outstanding individuals in a very exceptional Clifton Team. He really was a truly worthy National Champion”.

In February 2011, the first contest took place and the two sides met, with Millfield winning a tightly-fought contest 2-0. We were delighted to present Ryan’s Cup to the captain, Yuu Kurihara who led his team to a very proud victory. Both teams certainly entered into the spirit of the occasion and were all very respectful of the event and the meaning behind Ryan’s Cup.

Clifton vs Millfield

We are so proud of this fantastic accolade to Ryan and express our enormous thanks to Ian Turnbull, Roger Mills, John Milne, Shirley Shayler and Jo Morgan-Hughes, for carrying on his name within the two schools.

Clifton vs Millfield