Charismatic, fun, loveable, hilarious and charming are just some of the words that come to my mind when I think of Ryan Bresnahan. Though I can’t help but feel there are no words appropriate to justify how much of an amazing person Ryan Bresnahan is.

Ryan had the ability to make anyone feel comfortable and welcome wherever it may be, one couldn’t help but smile when he would look at them, especially in a serious situation, school for example!! I remember in an etiquette lesson in 3rd form when we were supposed to be learning about table settings Ryan spent the whole session having banter with the teacher and making even the very sensible William Hanson have a very laid back attitude to the lesson, entertaining all of us.

I especially remember one of the many of our group outings to Cosmo (a help yourself, pan asian restaurant) and as always me and Ryan were still going strong on about our fifth portion whilst everyone else had given up on about their third, and when I finally gave up I recall him saying something along the lines of “come on fatty, don’t give up, we still have desserts yet!”. And I actually have a photo of him on to desserts, licking the chocolate out of a bowl, which I found hilarious! These two experiences are merely some of the many which Ryan made even more enjoyable, and I know it wont be the last.

All my love

Miranda Walker xxxx