In addition to the separate articles detailing the support of Clifton College, Millfield Prep School and BGS, we are overwhelmed with the commitment and efforts of many schools to choose ‘a LIFE for a CURE’ as follows;-

Chase Academy, Cannock

The money for Ryan’s fund ‘a LIFE for a CURE’ was collected mainly by Non Uniform days. Three days a year all the school are invited to dress using different themes, the first being Halloween was the best, with pupils and staff dressed as witches, ghosts etc. Other funds were raised selling photographs and cakes contributing over £1,200. The school has also supported Ryans Bands, and has sold almost 100. Thank you so much for everyone who has taken part in the fundraising and to my sister Suesy Simpson, for leading the way!

The Chantry High School, Martley

Over £300 was donated by The Chantry High School from one non-uniform day. The school supports a number of charities throughout the year, Children in Need etc, so it was great that they chose ‘a LIFE for a CURE’ as one of them. Thank you to everyone who contributed, we really appreciate your support and a special thank you to Bob Simpson for suggesting Ryan’s Charity.

Clifton High School, Bristol

The sixth formers, parents and staff of Clifton High School, contributed £500 from funds raised at their Midsummer Masks Rose Ball in June 2011. Thank you so much for supporting ‘a LIFE for a CURE’, we are touched that you chose Ryan’s Appeal as your charity.

Colston’s School, Bristol

Amy Eves in Upper Sixth helped organise a Meningitis awareness week in October 2011. With the help of Stephanie Ward selling tea and cakes, they raised £200 for ‘a LIFE for a CURE’ and also sold many of Ryan’s wristbands to people who knew Ryan.

Thank you very much for inviting me to collect your donation and raising awareness of Meningitis through Ryan’s story.

Wycliffe College, Glos

Sheryll Goddard Head of School and Steph Brown, nominated ‘a Life for a Cure’ for the schools charity and organised a ‘Weakest Link’ quiz which sounded great fun. The school also had a non-uniform day and raised in total just over £1100.

Our thanks go to everyone who participated and supported the events and for being so generous.

Colston’s Girls’ School.

The Head Girl Team nominated Ryan’s charity for the Christmas Carol Service collection which raised £250. In addition, a quiz was also held which raised a further £312.

We are very grateful to everyone who contributed and took part – thank you so much for supporting ‘a LIFE for a CURE’.