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Dean House Charity Day

Date: Saturday, May 1, 2010

Venue: Dean House

Dean House decided to dedicate their Charity Day as a tribute to Ryan. He was friends with many pupils and ex-pupils from St. John’s.

Zoe Ward, one of Ryan’s closest friends, wrote a piece for their school newsletter as follows:

Ryan Bresnahan was a good looking, talented and gifted 16 year old. He tragically passed away from Meningitis on 31st March 2010. However, he was in no pain and was not ill. It happened over a period of a few hours and he was put through next to no suffering. He enjoyed life and made the most of opportunities that came his way.

The children of the school were asked to ‘pay’ to wear beach themed clothing and enjoyed a variety of summer and beach games on the field at break time. These games included; cricket, rounders, surfing, netball, football and races. With boiling weather and enthusiastic children the day proved to be a great success. The children raised a great amount and enjoyed themselves doing it!

We express our sincere appreciation to the school and Zoe’s family for sharing our story and raising a fabulous £363 for Ryan’s Appeal.