‘a Life for a Cure’ is very proud to be part of this innovative partnership with Meningitis Now, Meningitis Research Foundation, Public Health England (PHE) London, NHS London and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) urging Londoners aged 18-24 to check their MenACWY vaccination status with their GP and catch up as soon as possible if needed.

This short video captures how missing out on crucial meningitis vaccines may mean you miss out onCheck out your meningitis vaccines. more. Please take a look and visit www.tacklemeningitis.org for vital information and support.

A recent survey conducted by GSK amongst young adults in London reveals ‘worryingly low’ awareness of meningitis:
• 71% of young adults surveyed in London say they have heard of meningitis but know little or nothing about the disease
• 2 in 5 said they hadn’t been vaccinated against meningitis or were unsure of their vaccination status
• Results prompt concern as first-year students head to universities across the city, with 1 in 5 18-year-olds likely to be unvaccinated

A recent Evening Standard article covered the recent findings urging young adults to check their vaccination status with their GP. The jab is freely available to everyone under 25, either from a GP or a freshers’ vaccination clinic arranged by universities.

Our founder, Michelle Bresnahan was quoted within the article “Having lost my son Ryan to meningitis when he was 16, I know only too well how devastating this disease can be and have seen the worst it can do. I would appeal to all parents to ensure their children are vaccinated, especially those who are heading off to university or college this autumn.”

Professor Kevin Fenton, London regional director for PHE, said: “It’s clear that awareness of the dangers of meningitis and personal vaccination status amongst young Londoners is worryingly low. The pandemic has shown us just how important safe and effective vaccines truly are, and the same can be said for the MenACWY vaccine which remains one of the best defences against meningitis infection. Meningitis can have serious, life-threatening and sometimes life-changing consequences so it’s vital that all young Londoners take their MenACWY vaccine when eligible to do so.”

The programme is being funded by GSK with other partners providing valuable time and input and it is hoped that this new approach will provide a blue-print for future campaigns, with a focus on direct action to improve awareness and outcomes for the public.

Michelle would like to thank GSK & all the individual personnel from each stakeholder for their contribution, commitment and energy to make the campaign a success, which will essentially save lives. The Bresnahan’s did not have the opportunity to prepare Ryan for University, but feel it’s imperative for others to be aware of meningitis and how they can protect themselves and their loved ones.