For the 5th successive year, ‘a Life for a Cure’ has supported the Meningitis Now Student Awareness Campaign to the tune of £20,000.  This involves sponsoring many of the awareness materials, a UCAS parent/student mailing programme and the distribution of essential materials to Universities, parents and students. The success of the campaign is assisted by the radio coverage throughout 140 stations reaching 43,000,000 listeners to ensure young adults and parents remain aware of the dangers of meningitis. Check out the highlights. 

The focus for this year’s campaign has been to highlight how similar the signs and symptoms are for COVID-19 and meningitis are and ensuring young adults are aware of this. It’s exciting that the Uni experience will hopefully be returning to normality this coming academic year, but that brings with it concerns. With the combination of new-found social freedoms and the desire for young adults to mix in large groups and in venues, we must ensure they are aware of the signs and symptoms of meningitis, which can be similar to COVID, freshers flu or just a hangover. There are some excellent resources available at Meningitis Now. Order them today and add them to the packing pile or send them to someone you know is starting Uni or moving away from home.

The call to action is particularly important as it’s estimated that half a million under 25’s may have missed their Men ACWY jab due to the routine school rollout programme being hampered by 22 weeks of school missed during the pandemic. With vaccines a ‘hot topic’ we are asking for all parents to include meningitis vaccines as part of their fact-finding with their health practitioner BEFORE your loved ones go off to University or College.